About our Journals

Our journals represents a variety of fields, including the Bible and Torah, original literary work and Jewish thought. From this point forward, the articles are published immediately upon their approval and editing, and are displayed on the website for reading and downloading at no additional charge.  Additionally, the Journals are available as printed copies which can be purchased here.


Journal of Biblical Studies

The journal is dedicated, as its name implies, to biblical matters in the broadest sense of the term: from original studies on the Bible itself, to studies dealing with tradition and interpretation of the Middle Ages and modern times, as well as studies touching on the reality of the biblical period.




A Journal for the Study of
Torah She-b'al Peh

For the first three issues, Netuim was devoted to the study of the Mishnah, however from issue 4 onwards, the scope was expanded to cover all areas of the Oral Torah: Mishnah and other compositions of the Tanaim, Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmud, Halacha, and the books of the Rishonim and the Acharonim.




Journal of Land of Israel Studies

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A literary journal

'Atar' is a high-quality young magazine which was initiated by the Department of Literature at Herzog College and includes poetry, prose, and essay writing which are accompanied by plastic art.









Studies in the thoughts of Jewish education

Hagut is published by Herzog Academic College (founded by Lifshitz and Herzog Colleges), and deals with Jewish education for generations from a Gothic, historical and sociological point of view. The journal is published online; on the college website and on the Jstore website.